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Steel Cucine Kitchen Appliances

Genesi is born from the desire of recreating the atmosphere of a restaurant, by providing a professional service thanks to the high quality of the units. Imagine the moments you will spend around that table, enjoying the meals which have been prepared by you.

Ascot Line

Sinuous lines, vibrant colours, a classic beauty with a hint of British style but reinterpreted with a modern and refined concept design.

Enfasi Line

Minimal but accurate, meticulous in its details with a sophisticated style. For those who love the amazing simplicity.

Oxford Line

The shortist of the lines, oxford products feature nero fumo coloured body, metal knobs and handles with nickel finishing, black enameled hob, cast iron griddles and cold oven door with double glass.

Genesi Line

Love and passion; Genesi mixes these ingredients to obtain the perfect recipe for the perfect kitchen. The one we build for ourselves day after day.